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More music!

2011-10-17 12:51:39 by John5454

More music can be on the way. It all depends on how quick we can finish them. Yes, WE! As in, more then one person uses this account. Though I seem to use it the most, no surprise. But there are two others who use it as well. There's Me, John, and our female user as well. Not gonna give her name out, but you can call her Ama. As in Amaterasu. :P Anyways, more music, more stuff, eventually. We hope you all like it. It does take time from our lives to create these things y'know.

My first song

2011-04-19 16:59:04 by John5454

I submitted a song to NG, and I hope it is well received. It'll be nice to see what people think of it.