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I gotta admit...

I laughed more then anything else. But you guys do a pretty good female impression. Makes me wonder. xD Anyways. Nice job. I can't wait to see more from you guys.


This was a good hour of my life spent. I enjoyed it very much, and the drawing was fantastic. If only I could draw half as decent. I would love to see a sequel of this. One can wish, right?

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A fun way to play...

Ahaha! Beating by day 12... Hard to do it is. But fun to try none the less. A very good game. A couple of ideas in case you either decide to make an updated version, or even a new one. Perhaps you can add more features, like being able to buy something where she swallows. Or maybe the amount of cum that is shot out. Just a couple of suggestions, and I have favourited this game, simply because of its sheer awesomeness. I've seen your other work as well, and they are very good. I do hope to see more of your work in the future, my friend! :D

Kajio responds:

I did it during testing (but then I played probably over 20 times trying to test and find bugs or anything) but to win by day 12 you have to do it very well everytime.

I like the idea of upgrading the amount of cum. Probably wouldn't make it required or change the gameplay since not everyone like huge amounts of jizz, but that's the most realistic suggestion I've gotten, lol.

Thanks for the review and for the suggestion :)

Even Better Then the First One!

Now I truly cannot wait for a third one to come out. So much more shit to use. It's like defense heaven!!

One of the Greatest Games Ever!

I really can't wait for a third one to come out! This game is probably one of the greatest defensive games to play! I commend this game!

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This sounds like it could be the ultimate boss fight battle of all eternity! It's got the feel of it, that's for sure! Awesome music man!

The memeories It brings!

I remember playing this game all the time when I was younger! I always loved playing as Orchid. I was just bust multiple 13 hit combos on my friends and the computers. It was fun to kick the shit out of them. And you know how to make awesome music! Beats seems soft at first, but it gets heavier! Just great music from an awesome composer. Just a question, do you do all the music yourself, or have someone else help you?

Burn7 responds:

Nobody else helps me out, it's just all me.

Thanks for your review!

I have to know...

Are those the lyrics translated from Japanese? If so, they make some sense, considering who the main character is, but they could've done more with the Anime. Anyways, if you made the music in the background, you're damn good at it.

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Hmm... What shall it be...?

Does he <i>really</i> need to make a decision here? I bet he already know what he wants, and is playing. Or maybe not. O.o Either way, it shouldn't be a hard to make. Call in the next day. This here is something special. Haha. Great drawing.

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